Roma vs Salernitana Betting Review – Italian Series A

Roma vs Salernitana Betting Review – Italian Series A

March 30, 2022 Sports Betting

Roma vs Salernitana Betting Review - Italian Series A

Roma is the relatively better side of Italian Series A. both teams played many games in the season. So, we can’t talk about the lack of experience. The betting review has consisted of the latest performance, head to head, squads, predictions, betting odds and tips. Here is complete the complete description of the two teams.

Latest performance

Roma played six games and won 4 times. Salernitana also took part in six games and failed in 2 matches.


No one has declared its final lineup.

Head to Head

Both sides had faced each other in August 2021. The final result was 4-0 in favour of Roma.


According to predictions, Roma picked 76% chances to win. On the other side, Salernitana also gained 9% chances to carry the day.

Best sites for betting

Betwin, Betfair, betway, pure win and bet365 are significant spots for betting.

Results in last six games

Roma : W,W,W,L,W,L

Salernitana : L,L,L,D,L,D

Goal in Italian Series A

In the Italian Series A, Roma played 16 games and won 9 times. They scored 23 goals and conceded 14 also. Abraham scored 15 goals.

Salernitana also played 14 games to win nine times on the other side. They scored ten goals and conceded 34 also. Federico scored seven goals.

Odds and tips

If we see odds and tips, then it is a big difference between the performance of the two teams. Roma picked a 2/9 betting price versus 10/1 for Salernitana. Moreover, 9/2 numbers will go to draw the game.


I tried my best to differentiate the two teams. According to upper detail, Roma can win this game as a single-sided. You can place a bet on it for a better result. No one has multiple opinions about it.