New Zealand vs India 1st T20 Match Review

New Zealand vs India 1st T20 Match Review

November 12, 2022 Sports Betting

New Zealand vs India 1st T20 Match Review

Both sides failed in the semi-final of ICC T20 2022. It was a great loss for the two sides. Both sides started the world cup with heavy wins. Yes, India defeated Pakistan, whereas, New Zealand also rattled the preparation of the Aussies at the start. Let’s see which is a better side to win the game. The betting review has consisted of the latest performance, head-to-head, squads, odds, tips, predictions, and statistics. After getting all information, you will be able to make a prediction.

Latest performance

New Zealand played its last game versus Pakistan and failed by 7 wickets. By batting first, New Zealand made 152 runs in the given 20 overs. After that, they failed to take early wickets for them. That is the reason Muhammad Rizwan and Babar Azam posted 105 runs for 1st wickets. They remained well during the entire innings of the match. Both players succeeded to make the 50s for them.

If we see the performance of New Zealand, then D Mitchell and Kane Williamson scored well in the middle of the game. That is the reason New Zealand succeeded to make 152 runs in the given time.

All the bowlers failed to create some pressure on the Pakistani side.

Yes, that is the reason to take place in the final of the ICC T20 world Cup.

On the other side, the Indian side was demolished by England in the ICC T20 World Cup 2022 semi-final. No one takes any wickets in the semi-final of the event. All the Indian bowlers tried their best to put pressure but failed.

I would like to tell you about the batting of the Indian side. V Kohli and H Pandya were the major players to score 50 scores in the game. However, the other major players failed to put pressure on teh England.

In the 1st 20 overs of the game, England restricted the Indian players to just 62 runs. It was the best thing for them. KL Rahul and R Sharma did not do much for the team. No doubt, R Sharma posted 27 runs on 28 balls. But, these runs were not enough to win the game.

On the next side, the Indian side started to ball to England and failed to take any wickets. Yes, all the major bowlers, Muhammad Shami, Ashwin, Arshadeep, and B Kumar tried their best to get a breakthrough. All these players failed to perform.

Head to Head

Both sides faced each other 20 times in the T20 format. Indian sides succeeded in games, whereas, New Zealand also remained well in 9 matches.


New Zealand picked a 60% chance to win. On teh another side, the Indian side also gained a 40% chance to win the game.

Final Words

All the information has been taken from official sources. If you face any issues, then you can get and compare maximum data. In the end, New Zealand is ready to win this game. They showed better performance in the last game of World Cup 2022.