Narcos Mexico Slot Review

Narcos Mexico Slot Review

February 22, 2022 Casino Slots

Narcos Mexico Slot Review

Narcos Mexico picks up where the first Narcos slot machine ended. They’re based on different TV shows, and the Mexican version is distributed by Red Tiger rather than NetEnt, but the theme is the same. We’re getting another look into drug trafficking in South America, so fans of the 2019 slot will have another chance to explore that realm.

Narcos Mexico appears to provide players lots of chances to go near to the jackpot, which is worth 10,486x the bet, thanks to its 243 ways to win and 5×3 reels. The Return to Player is acceptable at 95.70 percent, but the volatility is higher as well, and that’s not a combination I’d generally enjoy.

Prizes and Betting

You may be playing with 243 lines/ways, but you are only wagering with 10 coins. The full betting range used in this game is $0.10 to $10.

Narcos Mexico is a better game than its predecessor, at least in terms of the highest payments that can be won while playing it. In comparison to the 1,500x offered in the first game, the improvement is significant, with up to 10,486x the stake paid in a single round. However, there is a drawback, and that is the RTP, which has reduced to 95.70 percent.

Features of the Narcos Mexico Slot

The wild symbol will only appear on three of the five reels. Because they don’t appear on enough reels to build their own combos, they should only be utilized as a substitute. However, if the normal ones require a match on the wild’s reel, they can assist them.

You can acquire access to one of two random features while spinning the reels of Narcos Mexico at random:

Double Cash is a feature that twice the value of the rewards awarded in that round.

Supply Drop, which introduces wilds in unexpected places.

The 3 Cartel Free Spins, though, are the main event, a strong feature that requires a typical set of three scatters to land at the same time. There are a few parallels between this and the Hold & Win spins.

It won’t use the same setup as the original game, and instead, you’ll be playing on 10×10 reels with a unique combination of symbols.

There is a cartel leader at each of the area’s corners, while the rest of the places are unoccupied so that you can land symbols in them. One of those symbols must appear near to a corner or an active symbol in order for it to become active and reset the amount of Cartel Spins. The four leaders will be able to expand their territory as a result of this. If the regions come into contact, the cartels will battle.

Each sort of symbol has a distinct function:

Mystery Territory awards a prize at random.

The value of rewards currently displayed on surrounding areas is doubled when you use your phone.

If they’re near the plane, they can enhance their winnings by up to 5x.

Design & Theme

You can anticipate outstanding attention to detail from a big branded slot machine, whether it’s created by NetEnt or Red Tiger. Narcos: Mexico is a popular television show that received a lot of love from its creators. In terms of design aesthetic, we’re seeing symbols and visuals that look like they came straight out of a video game. A large mansion and a handful of cars with hundreds of bullet holes can also be seen in the background.

The first six low-value icons are those with 9 to A Royals, which are now considered typical. Each one is accompanied by a weapon or object that is appropriate for the situation. The leaders of the drug cartels are depicted in the four top symbols. There will also be Scatters and Wilds throughout the game.


Overall, Narcos Mexico is an enjoyable game, a slot machine that offers far better payouts than the original. One obvious drawback is the lower RTP, but I expect it will be an excellent fit for anyone who like the original or the TV series.