MexoMax Multimax Slot Review

MexoMax Multimax Slot Review

July 19, 2022 Casino Slots

MexoMax Multimax Slot Review

A developer that frequently astounds, Yggdrasil is large enough to have a steady flow of excellent slot machines under development. One of them is MexoMax, and I fully anticipate it to offer us a memorable experience hopefully with features and graphics that are above average to help make that happen.

MexoMax! A slot machine called Multimax uses the Cluster Pays mechanism, which depends on 6×6 reels. It has a high level of volatility, a Return to Player that may reach 96 percent, and allows you to collect rewards worth up to 10,000 times your initial investment. The primary attributes I’d point out for it are the wild symbols, escalating multipliers, and free spins.

Betting and Prizes

The following spin will cost you at least $0.20, but that is only the minimum. The most that can be wagered is $100. A Golden Ben can be used to increase the number of scatter symbols on the reels, but when it is active, each spin costs 25% more money.

The MexoMax slot machine’s 10,000x jackpot doesn’t sound like much for such a highly volatile machine. Although we’ve seen better in slots with comparable volatility, the odds are decent enough and it is worthwhile to play because the RTP may reach 96 percent.

MexoMax Multimax Slot Features

To win prizes, you must create clusters of matching symbols that range from 5 to 14 symbols. There must be a horizontal or vertical connection between these symbols. The Dropdown mechanic will be utilised to get rid of a cluster once it has developed. In order to fill the vacant spaces, additional symbols are added, which can result in the creation of new clusters and Dropdown menus.

Following the removal of each winning cluster, wilds will appear on the reels. Additionally, the reel on which the wild symbol lands receives a 1x boost, increasing the value of any subsequent winnings generated there. Only Dropdowns from the same spin can increase it, and it resets at the conclusion of the round.

If you land three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, you’ll also get up to 11 free spins. Their biggest benefit is that the Reel Multipliers do not decrease after each round but rather increase for the duration of the free spins.

Theme & Design

At least for an Aztec-themed slot machine, it appears to be in good shape. It is situated in the centre of a jungle, and there are big reels in the middle that are filled with various idols and animal representations. If you’re interested in South American civilizations, Yggdrasil doesn’t let you down; this game looks contemporary and is entertaining to play.


When seeking for a slot machine that is different from the rest, MexoMax excels at a few tasks. Given how volatile it is, paying out large prizes is where I expected it to perform better. MexoMax is an excellent slot that gives  up to 10000 times the stake and about 96 percent Return to player.