Lightning Blaze slot Review

Lightning Blaze slot Review

June 30, 2022 Casino Slots

Lightning Blaze slot Review

The name of the company that created Lightning Blaze, a developer by the name of Lightning Box, served as some of its inspiration. In the end, they produced a traditional fruit machine with five reels and a kind of design that will make you think of land-based machines that you would activate by pulling on a long handle.

In Lightning Blaze, there are 40 active lines across the game’s 5 reels. Although the slot’s highest jackpot will reach 2,205x the bet, which is great in most cases, I’m not quite delighted with it because of the extreme volatility. If you’re playing the 96 percent variant, the RTP might be acceptable. Several different wilds (some of which have multipliers), scatters, and respins with monstrous symbols are among its key features.

Betting and Prizes

After placing your stake, you can immediately begin playing. However, you must first choose your budget for the subsequent round, which can be anything between $0.40 and $100.

Lightning Blaze pays decently but isn’t really amazing. When dealing with heightened volatility, as we are in this case, 2,205x the bet, and occasionally even somewhat more (2,221x the stake for the 96 percent RTP variant), is a little prize. The two possible RTP percentages are 96 and 94.07 percent.

Features of the Lightning Blaze slot

The number of the 7s in a symbol will indicate how much of a multiplier they have, and they will operate as wilds. The 7 wild symbol shows up on all reels without applying a multiplier and only serving as a stand-in.

The 77 Wild will be present on reels 2-4, and it adds a 2x multiplier to any winning combinations to which it contributes.

A 777 Wild only appears on reel 3, where it applies a 3x multiplier.

The multiplier wilds in the slot machine can combine their values to increase winning combos’ multipliers by up to 12x.

They name the Link & Win-style functionality, which is also present, Lightning Respin. The money sign in this scenario will be the Lightning Bolt, which can appear anywhere on the reels and is associated with monetary rewards. You can access the function if you can able to line up at least six money symbols simultaneously.

The reels are initially filled with the money symbol trigger during the first three respins. Although most of the time blank positions will appear, you spin the reels in an effort to earn more cash symbols.

The game chooses up to 5 reels to be active for each spin, and the money symbols only stay on the reels if they land there. It’s a pointless complication that detracts from the feature’s functionality without providing much in the way of benefits.

The addition of Colossal symbols, which may fill up to 3×3 positions, is where they improved upon the original. They can provide you with numerous money symbols at once, but you still need them to show up on spinning reels.

Money symbols can also result in fixed jackpots, which will also be paid out in addition to the cash rewards that players can win from them.

Design and theme

There isn’t much of a theme going on. Other than the lightning bolt logos for the cash symbols and the electricity to indicate the active reels during respins, this is a relatively traditional fruit machine. The handle that needs to be pulled to start it gives it the appearance of a land-based equipment.

The insignia include cherries, grapes, watermelons, oranges, and four icons representing the Royals, from J to A. The Bell and the three wilds are at the top (7, 77, and 777).


Overall, I’d say that Lightning Blaze makes an attempt to add some fascinating elements to the respin function by introducing enormous symbols, but then dilutes it by limiting it to the reels that are currently active. Even though the RTP is accurate, I’m not a big admirer of the modest top payouts.