Broussia Dortmund vs TSG 1889 Hoffenheim Match Review

Broussia Dortmund vs TSG 1889 Hoffenheim Match Review

September 1, 2022 Sports Betting

Broussia Dortmund vs TSG 1889 Hoffenheim Match Review

I have checked the teams’ recent performance and found a significant difference between the two sides. The betting review consists of the latest performance, head-to-head, squads, odds, tips, predictions, and statistics. After getting all the information, you can make accurate predictions for this game. No one is responsible for betting. I will try my best to leave helpful information.

Latest performance

Dortmund played six games and won 5 times. The same side failed in a couple of games also. On the other side, TSG 1899 also participated in six games and won 3 times. They failed in three games also. It is a much difference between the two teams. Here are the results in the last six games.

Results in the last six games

Dortmund : W,W,W,W,W,L

TSG 1889 : W,W,W,L,L,L

I cleared all the hidden things for two teams. You can also make any predictions from it. Here are head-to-head predictions of teams. Dortmund failed in the only game from the last six ones. The same side also did well in head-to-head games.

Head to Head

Both sides faced each other in January 2022. The final result was 2-3 in favor of Dortmund. It will create additional pressure on the other side.


Dortmund picked 59% chances to win. On the other side, TSG also picked 21% chances to win. However, there is a significant difference between the expected percentages of teams.

Goals in League

In the German Bundesliga season, Dortmund played 2 games and won 1 time. The same side also failed one time in the same season. They scored 3 goals and conceded 3 also. On the other side, Anthony also scored one goal for the team.

If we talk about the other team, TSG also took part in 2 games and won 1 time. They also failed in one game. The whole side scored 4 goals and conceded 3 also. Christoph scored 1 goal for him as well as for the team.

Red and Yellow cards

These sides faced the same number of yellow cards and red cards. So, we can not take any advantage of the team. Pick the betting odds and tips.

Betting odds

Dortmund picked an 8/13 betting price versus 15/4 for another side. Moreover, 7/2 numbers will go to the drawn match.


TSG 1889 side remained undefeated in the last 3 back to back league games. We can choose this side as a better one.

Betting Tips

We are expecting that Dortmund will win this game. Moreover, there are only minor changes to the drawing match.

Final Words

I tried to explain all the significant features of the game. After reading all the above data, you can make predictions. We made these predictions very carefully. It would be best if you took the risk in betting. At the end of the task, I favor Dortmund as compared to another side. All the data have been taken from official sources.